The Outpour

...Finding truth In Darkness.

The Outpour is much more than a website - It is the uprising of God's Children. A wake up call for each of us to truly realize who the Father is, and how to live the God-Life He intended for us to live, by letting go and letting Him work through us, in us, with us, and for us.

Discovering Grace



Everyone knows the Story - God made man, and gave him everything... power, dominion, authority, etc. God and man were besties. They had direct contact and man had unlimited access to his Father. Then Man sinned, and that relationship was fractured.
Consequently, man lost his power, access to all his privileges, and his prized position at God’s side.


Sin soon grew beyond a one-time thing, and inevitably had man enslaved, so much so, that it seemed impossible to break free. For millennia, man strived to get right with God again, by trying desperately to adhere to “The Law”, and offering innumerable animal sacrifices, in hopes of forgiveness.

The Bible states that without the shedding of blood, there can be no forgiveness of sin, and man did his best to comply with this directive. However, even in the midst of many burnt offerings, something still wasn’t right. Unsurprisingly, man soon got complacent — He sinned, offered sacrifice, then sinned again. It became routine. The blood of an animal doesn’t have the power to remedy the sin, but only to conceal it. Invariably, man was still a victim of Sin, consumed by guilt, and his relationship with God was still... broken.


God couldn’t take it anymore. He had watched the creation He loved struggle in a sin-inflicted bondage for so long, that He had to do something drastic to save him. Nothing of this world could settle such a debt… nothing on this earth could bring about a true and genuine Forgiveness, so God did the unfathomable — He gave a part of Himself for man’s Redemption, in order to repair their fractured relationship, and restore man to his original status of a god, giving him back authority and dominion over everything, including sin.


Jesus, the Ultimate Sacrifice, was born. He lived, was crucified, and on the third day, was resurrected. Through the profound suffering He bore, our Sin was, at long last, permanently washed away. The Blood of the Lamb paid the price on our behalf, and as He said on the Cross, it was indeed, finished. The toll was paid, and Grace was birthed.

Grace is more than just “unmerited favour”, as defined by most. Grace is Freedom. It is Power. It is unrestrained Restoration. Grace goes beyond accepting Jesus, it’s more about how you choose to navigate your life with Him. Grace is Divine exemption from the Law. It is a passport that identifies its holder as a Citizen of Heaven, entitled to every privilege and blessing, with absolutely no limits! Through Jesus, the Giver of Grace, we are no longer slaves to sin. Through Him, we are righteous, and only through Him are we once again, made perfect — not by our efforts (which are grossly inadequate), but as a consequence of His love, and the resultant Grace it bestows upon us.

Contrary to popular belief, Grace is not the by-product of a seemingly perfect follower. Grace is boundless and doesn’t come with a price tag. It is not influenced or multiplied by the long list of checkmarks that seem to define “Christianity” these days. Many believers operate in a transactional framework in which they believe that if they are good, or do something “for God” (go to Church, read their Bible one a day, pray at least twice, fast, etc.), then God is contractually obligated to reciprocate… As though Grace is some spiritual ATM that dispenses blessings based on how much “heavenly collateral” you’ve managed to amass by your efforts. But that’s entirely not the way this works. Grace can not be earned or purchased... it is a gift that is simply, Given.

|Grace vs. Law

Grace and The Law often function in opposition to each other. The Law imposes an intolerable amount of pressure to live perfectly, in order to be right with God, while Grace on the other hand, whispers gently, “Come as you are”. The Law is designed to judge and execute all who fall short, but Grace strengthens the weak and empowers all who would only but ask.

If you remember nothing more, leave with this truth — when you have Jesus, by default, you’re privy to His unrestrained dispensation of Love, and if you revel in this Love, then you automatically stand with Grace. So, stand tall! Live free! Jesus already paid the price, so you and I don’t have to. All that’s left to do, is to let go and receive what He has already done for us.

After all, only by His Grace are we truly, free.