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The Outpour is much more than a website - It is the uprising of God's Children. A wake up call for each of us to truly realize who the Father is, and how to live the God-Life He intended for us to live, by letting go and letting Him work through us, in us, with us, and for us.

E x p o s e d Season 2

Digging Deeper

Health + whatever

with Kate

We sat down with Kate (who is undeniably awesome!) and talked about all things Wellness. This episode is packed with juicy truths about food and nutrition that you simply don't wanna miss!


Meet Kate

Kate is a Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, and Dietitian with over 11 years of research experience in the field of Nutrition and Wellness. She spent several years in the Sports and Clinical discipline, where she developed Nutraceutical Supplements to help Olympic Athletes achieve their performance goals. In addition to these tremendous feats, she’s also worked with patients suffering from cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other major illnesses, toward revamping their eating habits and by extension, their health.

Now, Kate’s passion is to utilize her vast wealth of expertise to help her clients on journeys of weight loss, stress reduction, muscle enhancement, and to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Contact Kate

Phone: +1 (647) 716 7080