The Outpour

...Finding truth In Darkness.

The Outpour is much more than a website - It is the uprising of God's Children. A wake up call for each of us to truly realize who the Father is, and how to live the God-Life He intended for us to live, by letting go and letting Him work through us, in us, with us, and for us.

Welcome To Exposed

Real People. Real Stories.

Christians are, *insert stereotype here*. 

The list is miles long, ridden with several variations of skewed perception, designed to define a Believer in a variety of ways, all of which are rarely positive. The truth however, more often than not, is that the individuals unwillingly laden with these unsightly and often inaccurate Labels, are really no different than The Ones who hold the label-maker, and at The Outpour, we think these matters deserve a platform. 

Our vision is simple — that, through radically honest, completely unfiltered, truly open conversation, paired with no pride, assumptions, or judgment of any kind, and topped off with a healthy dose of open mindedness, we can help one another grow to become better people... better Christians in accordance with this lofty vision, "Exposed”, a video segment dedicated to tearing down stereotypes, empowering Christians, sharing true experiences and encouraging growth, was born. It is a judgement-free safe haven for believers who are either feeling, or have felt, stuck in any aspect of their life or faith. 

It is a reminder that you’re not alone, and that the challenges you face, both inside and outside the Church, are shared by many more Believers out there. 

It is a conversation centered around the issues that concern us all, regardless of whether we spend our Sunday mornings in the pew, or in our beds recovering from a hard night of "extracurricular activities".

It is, above all, a Movement whose sole purpose is to introduce the world to the people behind the curtain, the Christians beyond the Labels, the Humans beneath the stereotypes.

It is Real People, telling their Real Stories. 

It is Us.