Inspired by an undeserved Love and the simple Truth that there can be Light in Darkness, The Outpour was founded on the premise that we are God’s chosen people, and that He loves, cares, and empowers His children. Broken, Unworthy, Semi-Ashamed, Struggling... whatever our plight, Love reaches out for us. And in the same vein, we must mirror that to everyone living — regardless of color, race, religion, or sexuality. So, as we live — imperfect people in an imperfect world, often wrong, and rarely love deserving — do we cower in the face of adversity, relinquish our Faith and replace it with a fractured belief that anything is permitted in the name of “YOLO”? Or do we rise and remind the world that Christ exists? That even the darkest night is eventually chased scurrying across the sky by the slightest rays of Light?

Here’s to the restructuring of our world. I wish you all the grace and peace you require as you find hope in this iridescent Darkness.